Processing Market, Cold Chain and Frozen food distribution systems: A Short

India has tremendous potential to become the primary source of agricultural products, more specifically food products in the world.

It has some plumes in it’s cap as the second highest fruit and vegetable producer in the world, 6th biggest producer of fish and such like however still does not make up to the leading 10 food exporting countries.If it weren’t for some serious infrastructure and technology concerns, there is really stopping for this enormous food bowl. India faces a severe issue of large amounts of food wasted away due to the absence of an appropriate cold storage, cold chain and frozen food distribution system. If just this was in place, huge amounts of food could have been processed into some kind of worth added foods and sold both in your area and abroad.Annually, there is usually a big amount of such farming fruit and vegetables that is waste away.

Photos provided by Pexels

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