Ardmore Scotch Whisky

There was a time you could spot a distillery by the smoke belching from its chimney. Now, most chimneys have been demolished as distilleries have switched from coal to steam.

There was a time you might spot a distillery by the smoke burping from its chimney. Now, the majority of chimneys have been demolished as distilleries have actually changed from coal to steam.Hughes recalls as a child viewing glen garioch’s chimneys being destroyed brick-by-brick by a Glaswegian steeple jack. He turned up the road, bouncing off the walls I had a lot to drink,’ Fraser recalls.The manager stated to him:” Certainly mot increasing there intoxicated?” he replied: i believe I ‘d climb up that if I was sober? Fortunately, the steeplejack’s services have actually never ever been needed at Ardmore, where the coal fires have been kept burning.It is a site,

constructed by Adam Instructor to offer fillings for his mix. ‘Teacher left the train here when he pertained to visit Colonel Leith-hay at Leith Hall,’ states Ronnie.Ardmore’s brewer.’He desired to build a distillery and the Colonel mentioned there was water and a rail link here, one presumes the reality that the Colonel owned substantial tracts of prime barley-growing nation didn’t participate in the equation.


Ardmore 1981 Gordon & Macphail bottling. Robust nose, with smoke, dried fruit and some cream. The palate is richly layered with smoke, malt and a teasingly spicy surface. *” * For factors best known to themselves Allied Domecq has yet to bottle Ardmore as a single malt- though rumours of a policy modification continue. Luckily, the independent bottlers have actually constantly handled to get their hands on some.

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